Some useful Information about Japan`s Social Insurance - 4

By Yoneyama, 2021 October

This is the blog series of Japan Social Insurance, please read the 1st series, 2nd series, and 3rd series if you didn't read those yet. 


Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance (労災保険 (Rosai Hoken)) #2


This time, I would like to introduce examples of cases under which you are or you are NOT entitled to the compensation.

The details of the compensation will be explained in the next blog. If you got injured during the time you left your desk or floor for toilet or on your way back from toilet by, for example, falling through the steps or something like that, you would be entitled to the 労災補償(compensation) as long as the accident happened as a natural part of your daily work. You were conducting your work outside in a hot day like playing the role of supervisor at a construction site, and were feeling so thirsty. You went to a nearby convenience store to buy a bottle of mineral water during a short break, and on your way back to the work place, you fell down and got injured. In this case, you would be entitled to the 労災 compensation.


Your company’s track driver was on a highway to deliver products, and encountered a traffic accident. He tried to rescue the driver of the other car of the accident, then he was hit by another car coming behind. His death or injury is going to be compensated by 労災. You work for general affairs department of your company, and one day, you were off on a holiday.  However, you got an emergency call from a resident living near the company saying some facilities of the company is being damaged by strong wind or something like that, so you came to the company to fix the damage and you got injured. In this case, your injury should be covered by 労災compensation.


If you got injured by car accident or something like that on your way of a business trip to the destination, your injury would be covered by the 労災compensation. If you were to commute, happened to fall down out of the steps of your apartment and got injured, you would be entitled to 通勤災害compensation.


During the lunch break, if you enjoy playing catch ball or something like that with your colleagues on the company premise and got injured by getting your face hit by the ball etc., you are NOT entitled to 労災compensation. 


During the lunch break, if you go out for lunch and get injured either on the street or at the restaurant outside the company premise, you are NOT entitled to 労災compensation.


If you drop by at a local convenience store on your way back home from your working place and get injured inside the store or on the street off the regular commuting route, you are NOT entitled to 通勤災害compensation.


If you had a private talk or held a small drinking party for a few hours on the company’s premise like caffe after your work is over, and got injured on your way back home, you would NOT be entitled to 通勤災害 compensation even if your returning route is just same as the normal days’.