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Why look for a job with Nisshin Global?

1. Your success is our priority

At Nisshin Global, each application we receive is carefully reviewed and matched to a job that is perfect for you. We make sure that every job we recommend suits each person's unique needs and skills to ensure optimal results every time.  

2. Trusted by companies across Japan

Not only do our clients from all across the country trust us to provide the best services, we deliver the best candidates and maintain a great track record of client satisfaction.  

3. Long-lasting connections and optimal job satisfaction

Our job extends far beyond finding you the perfect career. Successful applicants fall under our care, with monthly consultations with both you and your employer to ensure smooth communication and better work performance.


Don't just take our word for it - we've gathered a few testimonials that our successful applicants have kindly written and see how we can help make a difference in your job hunting process! 

Ms. K (America) - Administration, International Sales 



Because the hiring processes in America and Japan differ so greatly, it was difficult to know exactly where to start when I began searching for work in Tokyo. While there are job fairs for foreigners and bilinguals, they can often feel impersonal. Fortunately, I eventually applied to a job online posted by Nisshin Global. After seeing my resume, Yoneyama-san directly introduced me to a manufacturing company, based on my skills and their need for a native English speaker.


From start to finish, the hiring process was extremely smooth. Yoneyama-san accompanied me to my first interview, where he gave the company a brief explanation of my skills and experience. I have never felt so confident in an interview before, and thanks to Yoneyama-san’s coaching, I received a job offer from the company and decided to accept it.


Additionally, Nisshin Global was able to assist me in comparing job offers. For example, I was unfamiliar with the bonus system or housing reimbursement provided by many Japanese companies, and didn’t know to look for them as part of the compensation package. Thanks to Nisshin Global’s counsel, I was able to select the best offer, which was the best personality fit as well.


After I was hired, Nisshin Global’s consultation has been invaluable. Some other Americans in Japan had expressed doubts about my new job, warning me to “be careful” regarding business practices of some Japanese companies. Though I felt the company that hired me was free from these practices, Yoneyama-san completely absolved my worries, and following the meeting, my relationship with my boss and my team improved even more.


I have never felt more fulfillment in my job than I do now, and I truly believe it is due to Nisshin Global’s personal touch. I recommend Nisshin Global because, unlike other career agents who recommend job postings to you based off your resume in a rather impersonal manner, Nisshin Global Corporation takes your skills, personality, and career goals into account, and has an uncanny ability to truly understand the needs of both the job-seeker and the future employer. If you have Japanese skills and would like to work in Japan, I cannot recommend Nisshin Global’s services more highly!

Mr. Tran Quoc Toan (Vietnam) - Quality Assurance, Sales



I am Tran Quoc Toan from Quality Assurance Department of Yamato Gokin Company Limited. I got the job offer through the reference of Yoneyama-san and Nisshin Global.


Compared to other job introduction services, I had chances explain about my education, experiences and career goal and got advice on my personal development. From that, I was referred to the right company and the right job.


As a foreigner, entering into a Japanese company, I had to adapt to the culture and discipline which is very unique and special. Nisshin Global is like a bridge which fills the gaps and differences between foreigners and Japanese companies. As a result, work and learning since entering the company has become smooth and efficient.

Mr. C - International Sales and Marketing



Having worked as an English teacher for more than 5 years in Japan, I decided it was time to look for a job change to advance my career growth.


The problem was that I didn’t know where to start. It was thanks to Nisshin-Global that I was finally able to make the transition from the classroom to the office. Even after finding employment, they continue to check up on my status to ensure my overall satisfaction and for this, I’m really grateful.

Mr. T - International Sales and Marketing


I have had several counselling sessions with Nisshin Global for more than 1 year.


Thanks to Nisshin Global, I had chance to discover more about Japanese culture, management practices and so on. Their monthly counseling and training sessions also helps me understand more about my role in my company and enables me to take practical and progressive steps to reach my goals.


I think Nisshin Global’s monthly counselling or coaching sessions are very practical for foreigners working in Japanese companies like me. 


I sincerely appreciate the kind support from Nishin Global. I would highly recommend Nisshin Global’s services. 


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