Open Positions:

Project and Sales Leader Tochigi OPEN VACANCY 

Salary: JPY 5mil~ per annum


Established in 2016, this company have succeeded in a long-term contract with a major French aircraft engine manufacturer and supply turbine blades for engines.


The company's titanium- aluminum processing technology has been highly evaluated, and it has succeeded in overcoming competition with companies around the world.


The company's turbine blades are used in medium-sized aircraft such as Boeing and Airbus.


From the jumbo jet era to the era when medium-sized aircraft became the mainstay, the demand for it continues to grow as the main means of transportation. We have succeeded in supplying the best-selling engine parts in such a growing industry, which enables long- term growth.


Stable and rapid growth, contributing to corporate growth by utilizing one's own skills/ unique welfare programs

SEA SAAS Marketer OPEN VACANCY (SEA Countries)

Salary: Based on experience


A digital marketing SaaS (Software as a Service) that has been used by over 20,000 companies. Under the concepts of being "reasonably priced," "easy for anyone to use," and with "all-in-one functionality necessary for marketing," they offer a wide range of marketing tools with a variety of functions and types.


In 2021, they expanded into Vietnam and Thailand, and they have placed particular focus on expanding into Southeast Asia. 

Marketing and Localization OPEN VACANCY (Multilingual)

Salary: Based on experience


This company provide full-service localization, from translation to promotion overseas, for Japanese entertainment companies.


Their mission is to create, localize, and deliver a unique experience to the world.



They are professionals who not only translate, but also consider each region's culture, history, politics, and religion to help clients create content that truly matches their fans' desires and lets them enjoy Japan's unique entertainment.


Over 90% of our current employees are foreign nationals who are all fans themselves and apply their enthusiasm to their daily office duties. 

SEA Marketer OPEN VACANCY (SEA Countries)

Salary: Based on experience


This company manage Japanese schools in Southeast Asia countries (the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia), This aims to help young people choose to work in Japan.


They also introduce human resources to medical institutions and welfare facilities in Japan.


This company conduct sales activities to introduce human resources educated by our company to Japanese companies, and provide support so that foreign human resources can work and live in Japan with peace of mind. 

Marketing and Translator OPEN VACANCY (Multilingual)

Salary: Based on experience


This Company is a non-conventional and challenging translation company that adopts the “strongest translation concierge” as its motto.


In the translation industry, various types of translators and translation companies exist, with varied languages, areas of specialty and experience. 


To achieve smooth communication between diverse people, it is necessary to not only deeply understand their language but also their history and cultural background.


Native speakers from each country understand best their history and cultural background; thus, they seek people from various countries not only as translators but also as their staff. With the motto of “To understand and respect diversity, first do it yourself,” they aim to become an organization where people from around the world gather.

System Engineering in Tokyo OPEN VACANCY (Native level English)

Salary: Based on experience


This Company is a Japanese IT company in Tokyo. It started business in 2018 and is growing fast by working with one of the largest listed IT companies as a strategically most important partner to develop financial systems and logistics systems.


This company also serves end customers directly by developing wallet applications, e-commerce sites and digital workflow systems as well as conducting data analysis work. The company aims at exploring new fields such as solution development and IT consultation.

International Marketing in Japanese Confectionery Company: Kyoto OPEN VACANCY (Native level English)

Salary: Based on experience


This company is is a Japanese confectionery manufacturing and retail company in Kyoto Pref.


It celebrated its 40th anniversary of the foundation in 2021. This company started exporting its products to Los Angeles and Hawaii, and are about to begin similar exports to Australia and Singapore. The company has a vision to first succeed in the American confectionary market through exports from Japan, and then, to extend its channels to other countries. This company opened an international marketing position recently.


Once hired, he or she will be assigned to domestic marketing and sales to first accumulate knowledge of products, clients, and business practices in Japan. Then, the new person will be given a task to explore the American confectionery market from scratch such as conducting market research, making sales strategies, concluding contracts with local companies and so forth.

Various Engineering Position in Ibaraki OPEN VACANCY (Native level of Taiwanese, Vietnamese or Malaysian)

Salary: Based on experience


This company is a company in Ibaragi Pref. that designs and develops software, and conducts system engineering work as follows:


  • Embedded systems
  • Facilities monitoring control systems development
  • Mainstay information systems development


As the company widens its scope of business, so does it hire employees with a variety of nationalities. Besides, this company envisions collaboration with IT companies in Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia in the future, so it welcomes non-Japanese, who will be able to help the company establish goal relationship with those international partners.

Global Marketing in Hamamatsu - Shizuoka OPEN VACANCY (Native level of English)

Salary: Based on experience


This company is a company in Shizuoka Pref. that designs, develops and manufactures automobile parts, dies/molds and facilities.


The company is good at bending, pressing, machining and jig-manufacturing. The position is to support their America market expansion in the near future.

Engineering job in Kanagawa  OPEN VACANCY (Native level of Vietnamese)

Salary: Based on experience


This company is develops built-in control systems such as controllers of semiconductor manufacturing devices, elevator monitoring systems, and delivery box controllers etc.


Currently, the company is working on electrification of various machinery using lithium-ion battery-based power supply systems.


The company does not outsource but manufacturers its designed systems from scratch so that intended quality can be assured.


This company opened two engineering positions recently. (1)   Built-in engineer (2)   Production control engineer

Engineering job in Okayama OPEN VACANCY (Native level of Vietnamese; Chinese; Burmese)

Salary: Based on experience


A machining tool manufacturer in Okayama Pref by stipulating the motto of “One-stop service provider of machining tools”, it satisfied a variety of customers’ demands including order-made tools, re-machined/re-coated tools, reuse/remake tools, and buying out super-hard material. The company was founded in 1978 and it now has around 210 employees including around 40 non-Japanese. This company opened three engineering positions recently. 

Overseas marketing and System engineering at Hokkaido OPEN VACANCY

Salary: Based on experience


A university venture having its office in the premise of Obihiro Univ. of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Hokkaido.


The company invented a system, which consists of a very compact and light camera to take a picture of the cross-section of beef carcass, database that accumulates both domestic and overseas meat picture information and an AI based visual data processing system that automatically evaluates the grade of the quality of the meat by analyzing the pictures.


Until now, human experts have been solely conducting this grading task, but now, this new system can save manpower and stabilize the evaluation results consistently.

Malaysian Front Office with Tennis Skill OPEN VACANCY

Salary:  Initial annual income 2,800,000 to 3,000,000 JPY


A tennis school service provider in Tokushima City, Tokushima is running three schools in Shikoku, need a regular employee (正社員) position in the schools' front and administrative work. He or she, when needed, is expected to play the role of tennis instructor.


The schools have foreign national members or visitors from abroad.


The company also has a long-term strategy to branch out into Malaysia.

Vietnamese Operator and Marketing OPEN VACANCY

Salary: ¥ 210,000 per month


An envelope manufacturing and printing company in Kawaguchi, Saitama Pref. It is proactively exploring new products such as pierces/earings made of papers by laser cuttings and pop-up cards that are designed in the United States and handcrafted in Vietnam and China.

English - Japanese - Chinese Global Sales OPEN VACANCY

Salary: from ¥3,000,000 ~ per annum


A fabric company based in heart of Tokyo, Nihonbashi need a multilingual (English - Japanese - Chinese) Global Sales to help them broaden their company globally. 


This company already has a Shanghai office branch and planning to broaden their market in China.


Your position will be representative of Japan HQ for all the strategies and communication between Shanghai Branch and Japan HQ. 

Overseas Sales Engineer OPEN VACANCY

Salary: Annual from ¥4,000,000 ~


A manufacturer of various kinds of gas sensors to be used for many applications including gas detectors, alcohol detectors, air purifiers, etc.


The brand is rather well-known in the overseas market, and it is no wonder that 70% of sales are achieved outside Japan.


The company was awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry as a "Niche Top 100 Award 2020".

Engineer Dispatch Company OPEN VACANCY

Salary: from ¥235,000 ~per month.


An Engineer dispatch company is looking for young, capable engineers to join their company.


This is a good opportunity to work in places around Japan, and acquire a variety of engineering skills through a comprehensive OJT system. 

System Engineer OPEN VACANCY

Salary: ¥170,000 ~ ¥250,000 per month 

Location: Gunma 


A software engineering company in Gunma is seeking a foreign national programmer to join their development team.


This is a great opportunity for applicants interested in planning, designing, and executing original software. Business level Japanese (N2) required. 

Software Engineer OPEN VACANCY

Salary: ¥4,000,000~ per annum 

Location: Shizuoka 


A Shizuoka based media company is looking for a software engineer with experience using PHP and Ruby.


This is a good opportunity for those who are interested in working in the ever-changing media and publishing field. N3 level Japanese required.  

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