Why Japan?

The Benefit Of Doing Business In Japan


  • 3rd largest market in the world (GDP, consumption, industrial output etc.), and a G7, G20 and OECD nation
  • Relatively wealthy and healthy individuals 
  • Abundant source of high technology and new materials
  • Most reliable and highest quality supply chains
  • World top-class infrastructure (transportation, energy, water, gas etc.). No blackout!
  • Surging inbound (30 million or more of foreign visitors heading to Japan for tourism, business and education every year)
  • Mecca of subculture (manga, anime, game, cosmetic play, etc.)
  • High quality labor with very high literacy and education
  • Geographical benefit (easy access to Asia)
  • Fast expanding free trade zones (India, ASEAN, TPP, EU, USA effectuated. Soon to be with China and Korea as well as RCEP)
  • Political and financial stability (low risk of political turmoil or sudden legal/regulatory changes, near-zero funding cost and strong JPY performance)
  • Stability of society (resilience against natural disasters, no riot, no vandalism etc.)
  • Safety (serious crime happening rates are one of the lowest)
  • Welcoming inflows of people, imports and investment
  • Increasing visibility of foreign players in various fronts of business, sports, entertainment, culture, media and academia.
  • Declining population and aging society present great potential for various business opportunities for society’s paradigm shift

Issues of Japan

  • Language issue (mostly lacking English communication followed by Chinese)
  • Lack of knowledge and experience of cross-cultural communication and deals due to its unique culture fermented by its geography (island) and race (uniformity)
  • Lack of information dissemination
  • SME’s domestic oriented mentality 

Why Nisshin Global Corporation?

  1. Achievement and experience (proven since 2013 )
  2. Lines of connection (large corporations, SME, government, media etc.)
  3. English speaking staff
  4. Foreign talents introduction and training capability
  5. Information dissemination vehicle
  6. Office support including conference room