Engineers Dispatching Company

We at Nisshin Global Corporation are a Tokyo based foreign (non-Japanese) talent oriented human resources agent and consulting company.


Today, we would like to post the following job opening from a very large engineers dispatching company in Japan.


This company is 38 years old, specialized in dispatching its engineers to 1,988 large and mostly high-tech manufacturing and engineering companies in the field of Auto, ICT, Robot/Industrial Machinery, and Home Electronics.


Its motto is “create a chance to all the engineers”, meaning the company welcomes young people with the strong ambition and desire to be a good professional engineer even if they do not possess the necessary skills/technique at the hiring stage, while giving appropriate job opportunities so that he or she can acquire necessary skill/technique on an OJT basis and eventually accumulate full confidence to be a good professional engineer.


Having said that, the company set the bar higher for non-Japanese applicants as follows:


Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher in the subject of Machinery, Electricity or                                    Information Technology


Japanese language ability: N1 preferred, but even if you have N2, you are welcome to apply if you have confidence in commanding Japanese language in the interview.


Following are the hiring conditions


Status: Regular employee (正社員)


Monthly salary:         235,000 yen or higher


Base up (raise): Monthly salary rate goes up by 5,000 yen every year.  Besides, if you stay more than a year at one same client company where you are dispatched, another 10,000 yen is added to your monthly salary rate from the 2nd year.  The same rule also applies from the 3rd year onward. 

There is no bonus.


Allowance: Overtime, Commuting


Holidays: 125 days per year

              10 pay holidays after the first 6 months of employment.


Social insurance: Fully covered


Welfare program: Company designated apartments are available throughout Japan. The company pays half of the monthly rent. Security deposit, commission and any other one time costs for the apartments will be paid by the company.


Training courses: Besides its own internal engineering training, the company subsidizes commercially available e-learning courses etc.


Incentive to acquire qualification: There are various national engineering qualifications that the company specifically designates. Once you acquire one, your monthly salary rate is raised by 10,000 yen or higher.


If you are interested in applying to this job opening, please send your CV and Japanese resume to the following address: