Some useful Information about Japan`s Social Insurance - 5

By Yoneyama, 2021 November

Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance (労災保険 (Rosai Hoken)) #3


As promised last time, I would like to explain about what sort of compensation you would be able to receive from 労災保険 that your employer is obligated to purchase.


Medical treatment in kind (療養の給付)

If you get injured during your commuting or at work, your medical care and medication should be provided for free as long as you go to 労災保険 designated hospitals and drug stores.


Repayment of paid medical charge(療養の費用の支給)

If you get injured during your commuting or at work, and if you cannot find any 労災保険 designated hospitals nearby, you pay for the medical charge at a nearby regular hospital first,

then claim for repayment of all the cost you bear.  


Compensation for absence from work (休業(補償)給付)

If you get injured during your commuting or at work, and you cannot work for some time to fully recover from the accident, 60% of your basic daily salary should be provided for the number of days you cannot work under this compensation. Besides, you will be given additional 20% of your basic daily salary as a special compensation for returning to work per day, so in total, 80% of your income will be secured even if you cannot work and you are not paid during your absence from work. If you are still paid by your company during your absence, this compensation is not provided.


Compensation for disability(障害(補償)給付)

If you get injured during your commuting or at work, and you get some disability that is caused by the original accident, you will be entitled to this compensation for disability. Basically,

there are two categories of the compensation, one for very severe and serious disabilities and the other for relatively light disabilities.

For the former disabilities, the compensation is basically for lifetime, while the latter ones, they are basically one-time compensations.


Compensation for survivors(遺族補償)

If you are killed by an accident during your commuting or at work, your immediate family member like your wife and/or children are entitled to this compensation for both one time and lifetime.


Compensation for continuing injury or disease(傷病(補償)年金)

If you cannot recover from work/commuting related serious injury or disease even after 18 months from the happening of the injury or disease, you will be provided this compensation as pension or one-time compensation depending on the seriousness of the injury or disease.


Compensation for nursing care(介護(補償)給付)

If you are receiving compensation for disability or compensation for continuing injury or disease, and if you fall under the 1st or 2nd grade of disability receiving nursing care services, this compensation is provided to cover such nursing care service cost.


Secondary health check (二次健康診断等給付)

If you are diagnosed to have some abnormality in your brain or heart by an annual regular health check, this secondary health check is provided for free to deeply diagnose the conditions of your brain blood vessels or heart to prevent brain disease or heart disease from breaking up.