Japan Digest #279

PM Abe Keeps Momentum Despite The Scandal Of His Supporter’s Association


NHK’s monthly survey, conducted from December 6 through 9, reveals that the Abe Cabinet’s approval rating slightly went down to 45% from 47% last month.

Its disapproval rating went up to 37% from 35%. 

There revealed a scandal last month that members of PM Abe’s supporters’ association had been given priority to obtain invitation of the annual Cherry Blossom Observation Party that is organized by the Prime Minister’s Office.  

The opposition parties fiercely criticized that PM Abe funneled tax payers’ money in favor of the members of his supporters’ association, but they could not find evidence to prove that there was clear intent to give such favor. 

Following are the approval ratings of the major political parties:

LDP                  36.1%

CDPJ                5.5

Communist       3.0

New Komei       2.7


No party affiliation         41.4%

Japan, China and Korea Collaborate On Demographic Issues


The Japanese Government is planning to organize “Japan-China-Korea Dimography Policy Forum” to discuss on possible policies to counter three nations’ common trend of the declining population and aging society, Yomiuri reported. 

Its inaugural event is said to be held in Tokyo next spring. 

The three nations had been discussing on the aging society since 2010. 


The new forum expands the topics in a wider scope involving more senior officials from the three governments.

Japan To Dispatch P-3C and Destroyer To The Middle East


Yomiuri reported that the Abe Administration drafted a plan to dispatch one P-3C and one destroyer to the area of Oman Bay, northern part of Arabian Sea and high sea off the coast of Libya. 

Once the plan is approved by the Cabinet on December 20, one of the two P-3Cs that are currently conducting anti-pirates missions based in Somalia will be sent to the Middle East, while one of Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force’s destroyers serving in Japan will leave its fleet, and cruise to the Middle East.  

The plane and ship are tasked to collect information in the area. 


Although “protection of commercial vessels” is not part of the mission this time, if Japanese ships, non-Japanese ships with Japanese onboard or non-Japanese ships operated by Japanese or Japanese cargo onboard in the region are under attack, the government may switch their mission to protect those vessels.

 Japan And India Jointly Export Big Data Platform




India currently operates “India Stack” a digitized public infrastructure that more than 90% of the Indian people can access by personal ID or biometrics to receive public services or commercial services like banking etc.


Japan has been one of leading nations to export social infrastructures to developing countries. 


The two nations agreed to collaborate to jointly explore exporting big data platform infrastructure to Asia and African nations from next year, Yomiuri reported.