Self-awareness and Career Path



Self-awareness is a common yet still-unfamiliar word in society. Sometimes as an adult we are too busy to handle our adult-related responsibilities and forgot to looking at ourselves for make sure that we are still in the right track to aim our personal goal. Or maybe several people just going with the flow and getting older without setting up any personal goals. Equally, without self-awareness we couldn`t find our personal goals and there is no one who want to become adult without attain any meaningful milestones in their life, right? So here is why you need self-awareness and how important self-awareness for your career path.




The definition of self-awareness is wide, but in short it means conscious knowledge of your own character, strength, weakness and feeling without any attachment to being right or wrong.


In theory, there are three types of self-awareness: indexical, detached, and social self-awareness. Indexical is when you could make a database of yourself, about what is you and how you become a person like you now. Detached is when you could read the database without attaching your feeling and completely being separated view-point from yourself. And social self-awareness is the capacity to acknowledge your position in society, how is your relation with other people and what kind of environment that fit best for you. Together they constitute to be a complex conscious as a human.


Life is all about making decisions. When you can detach yourself and seeing yourself with the third-person point of view, you could be more rational without any drama to making decisions for your next step in your life.




It goes in line with your life and career, self-awareness has been found to be one of the most important factors to develop realistic job expectation, fulfill higher level of job satisfaction and self-control to prioritize our tasks. Self-awareness also plays a critical role in self-management models. Simply put, self-management has been described as preparing for the future, owning your present and taking care in what you do – as well as learning how you could do better next time. It will lead you to discover self-assessment, self-monitoring, self-evaluation, and other related processes. That`s all what you need to for making career progress and developing satisfying careers.




At the first point, if you are a job-seeker, self-awareness helps you to define what kind of job do you want to involve. In the self-awareness universe, “I`m okay whatever the job is as long as I get a good salary” is the first big no-no phrase. When you aware about yourself, your skill and your strength, you will sensible with the best field you could invest your time to develop. And after you polish your skill there, the good salary automatically will be following your path.




Second, after you know what field you fit best and then you applied there. Self-awareness will lead you to the best answer of the common question about your strength and your weakness. A good company will appreciate honest person who could explain about themselves clearly than a person who just give the basic answer that easy to find in google.


For a note, being honest is different with being open-book person, when you aware about yourself you can control what`s comes out from your mouth or just keep that in yourself. It just simply because if you bubbling unrelated issues in your interview, they know that they just wasting their time and don`t want to invest for you more. It is quite tricky but the game will in your hand when you dare to start playing.




Lastly but not least, not only in your professional job, self-awareness give you source of meaning and purpose of life. With raise your awareness about yourself, you could define your personal goal and know what you really want in your life. With the acknowledge of your weakness and your strength, you could define your self-improvement. Every personality is unique, if you can find your uniqueness you could manage your priorities scale and it will lead you to become the best version of yourself.