Japan Digest #361

1.        Japan And U.S. To Build A Roadmap To Jointly Develop Next Generation Semiconductor


Taking the opportunity of the Indo Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)’s minister-level meeting, which was held end of May in Detroit, METI Minister Nishimura and Ms. Raymond, Secretary of Commerce had a bilateral meeting and delivered a joint statement on May 26 that the two nations would build a roadmap to jointly develop next generation semiconductor. 

The joint statement also mentioned bio technology, AI, quantum technology, etc. as the area of mutual cooperation. 

Reportedly, the government of the United States is soon building National Semiconductor Technology Center, while the Japanese government established Technology Research Union Most Advanced Semiconductor Technology Center last year.   

The two centers are expected to cooperate with each other for the development of next generation semiconductor. 

Similar cooperation is expected between the two governments for drug discovery and quantum computer.


2.   Chinese Coast Guard Vessels Emitting AIS Signal In The Territorial Water Of The Senkaku Archipelagos  


Chinese Coast Guard vessels are frequently violating the contiguous zone and the territorial water of the Senkaku Archipelagos these days.

Yomiuri reported on May 27 that since this March those vessels are activating AIS (Automatic Ship Identification) when they violate the territorial water or the contiguous zone of the islands.

Since the AIS signal is freely tracked world wide through the internet and recorded in Marine Traffic, a website that publishes ship navigation records world wide based on AIS data, Mr. Ohara, Senior Fellow of Sasagawa Peace Foundation, who is an expert of Chinese security policy analyzes that China is building up record of activity in the Senkaku Islands’ territorial water so that they will be able to demonstrate its effective control of the islands to the world.

The Japanese Coast Guard doesn’t activate its AIS in the area to keep its activity and capability undetected.


3.  Japan-U.S.-Philippine 1st Joint Drill


The Philippine Coast Guard announced on May 29 that it would organize a first joint drill with the coast guard of Japan and the United States on June 1 through 7 off the coast of Mariveles near the South China Sea.  

Chinese Coast Guard has been demonstrating provocative behavior in the region such as more than 100 ships presence in Philippine EEZ and emitting military level laser to Filipino vessels etc.

The Philippine Coast Guard will dispatch four vessels including one that Japan provided under its overseas assistance program, while Japan and the U.S. will dispatch one vessel each for the joint drill.


4.  Toyota and Daimler Truck To Consolidate Mutual Truck and Bus Business


Toyota and Daimler Truck announced on May 30 that the two companies would collaborate with each other for next generation technology development such as electrification and automatic drive. 

Under this partnership, the two companies agreed to consolidate Hino Moters, which is owned by Toyota and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus, which is owned by Daimler Truck under a new holding company. 

Toyota and Daimler Truck will hold a same share each out of the new holding company while allowing the public to invest in it.