Steps to get your dream job in Japan

By Kie Bhayangkari, 2021 November

If you open and read this article, maybe living in Japan with its convenient and cultural side is one of your dreams. People say Japan is close minded, people say living in Japan is hard and expensive. But let me tell you something, as an Indonesian who used to lived in the third world country, I have been living in Japan for 7 years (when I write this blog), and all that I can say is as long as you know the key, living in Japan could be easy, financially manageable and (of course) FUN. So if you are still interested in living in Japan and starting your career in Japan, I bet you will read all this article. 


Everyone in the world loves "MADE IN JAPAN" products, people know how the quality of Japanese products are beyond their competitor. Japanese SME as the manufactures in line with Japanese culture of never giving up understand that too, use the quality control as their product core. They could maintain their best quality as one of the top products in the world until now.


However, I think it is also a global information that Japan is facing an aging society problem. Today, Japan lacks young talent that can continue the business of "MADE IN JAPAN". Hence, many of Japan companies has a difficult time to hire young Japanese employees and start to open their gate for foreign talents. Our company has been providing a foreign talent introduction service to Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in Japan since 2013. We understand the core of Japanese SME and what they need to survive in this global competition. One of the important keys is to be open with foreign talents that can help them to broaden their business globally.


Hence, we want to encourage you to know more about the details of Japanese SME and how to be part of their board easily. To make the explanation easy to understand, our CEO Nobuo Yoneyama specially made a Udemy video only for you who want to know about how to work in Japan and how to get a job in the Japanese SME smoothly. Not only that, in the course he also prepared a deep knowledge about why work at Japanese SME are make sense and exciting as working in a big corporation. The explanation will include their cultural uniqueness and their spirit of never-stop-exploring a "better". And also, the course will give you several lines of their characteristics that you will never find in a large corporation, and complete with the detailed explanation about their career development, basic salary and what kind of welfare you will get if you work at the Japanese SME. Basically it is the A to Z of Japanese SME you need to know.


The course also provided the actual example of several Japanese SME that has their US branch office until Japanese SME that work together with Tesla. In fact, many Japanese SME are part of large corporations in the world, not as their subsidiary company but as their balanced partner.

Other than that, the course will walk you through the necessary preparations for getting a job at SME including Japanese language education, working visas, searching job openings, job interviews etc. And also, if you already decided to move to Japan in the near future, we add the explanation of what to prepare for beginning your life in Japan, from moving budget, research for housing and apartment, until what to prepare for Japan natural disaster and its 4 season climates.


Please watch bellow video for the course sneak peak! If you want to take this Udemy Course, please say hi to me in our contact information. And I will give you a special (unbelievably price) discount as my reader. Happy Learning!!