Mysterious Japan?



In the past, Fujiyama (Mt. Fuji), Geisha, Ninja and Samurai were sort of key words to describe Japan.

Geisha – a lady wearing kimono to perform traditional dancing and play traditional instruments to entertain guests is no longer reproduced except for in Gion of Kyoto and some specific districts in Japan.

Ninja and samurai are surely no existence in modern Japan.

One of my business partners in the U.S. still describes Japan “mysterious country” representing general impression of Japan by the U.S. public.

He is in the same age as mine (61), so does not appreciate Pocket Monster, One Piece, Gundam or Doraemon, which are making Japan look cool instead of mysterious at least for those who are in their 20’s.

Another American business partner of mine often shares with me his impression of how he was fascinated by the sumo matches and of what is going on in Japan after he watched NHK World (   He loves the variety and depth of the contents of the TV program.

He frequently checks the Japanese TV broadcasting station because he had once lived in Japan and he has keen interest in Japan.

But for the general public of the world, who have not been to Japan, we might need to make a little more “push” type PR/introduction of Japan.

When I was an expat in Washington, DC from 2008 through 2012, I subscribed Washington Post.  I often noticed that the paper contained China Daily and Russia Now once a week or once every other week individually. 

I suspect those two foreign contents were paid by the individual governments as ad of their individual nations to positively introduce to the American public what is going on in China and Russia respectively.

The government of Japan has inaugurated Japan House in London, Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles.

It is interesting to monitor how those houses are disseminating Japan contents throughout the world public.


At least for my business partners, sumo matches are definitely a fun!