Brand and Awareness Marketing

By Kie Bhayangkari, 2022 April

As you know Brand awareness marketing are the ability of a product to be recognized by customers through general hints & clues is called Brand Awareness. There are mainly three types of Brand Awareness – brand recall, brand recognition, brand dominance. Perceived value is underrated.


2022, product quality is important. But beside that, 2022 with borderless technology make brand and awareness marketing become the key to boost up your revenue. As a product owner, you have to make sure that your product information well delivered to the right customer, through the right channel and the right time.


To know how, what, and when you have to marketing your product, market research is very important. You have to define the strategy, right timeline, and correct metrics to improve your brand awareness in your target area. A deep knowledge about your product is not enough, understanding your target consumers, their needs, and how your product will meet those need are the basic idea of brand awareness.


I know being an owner and product developer are already busy, sometimes you need more head and perspective to help you to build the best strategic to boost up your brand awareness. Here, I could help you to analysis market, running your digital platform with correct SEO strategies to meet the best customer that really need your product. We could discuss about how to marketing your product better here.


I small tips to start your brand awareness in 2022, it is true that have a product identity with fixed design is important. But you have to understand what is currently trend and mix your product design with something eye-catching at the moment, especially for your brand social media aesthetic. As the Instagram marketing platform Later, 2022 is full with 60s-70s Iconography and Neon color. So don`t be afraid to use more contras color, maximalist your font and break the rules!