A to Z Re-new your Visa during pandemic

by Kie, 2 August 2021

I just finished re-new my visa last month and get my 3 years stay permitted in Japan. If you just like me that need to re-new your Visa in the near future. I think this blog will help you to capture the what will waiting your process ahead.


Renew your visa in this pandemic could be tiring , time consuming and a little bit scary because you have to go to public place with a lot of people. Besides, If it's your first time extending a visa, the process will be a bit complicated and time-consuming. In this article I will explain how I prepared all the necessary documents and the registration process to get my new visa. 



Depending on the type of work and the employment contract between you and the company that employs you, the documents required to extend a visa are difference. In my case, I extended my work visa as a permanent employee for a job in marketing or the humanities. Thus the documents for normal Working Visa as following list:

  1. Application form
  2. Contract with your employer, letter of appointment, invitation letter, or any other documents to prove your activities, position, salary, period of time you will need to stay in Japan, etc.
  3. Registry Certificate (Tokibo Tohon) of the company who employs you in Japan
  4. The Company's most recent financial statements (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements)
  5. The Company's withholding tax report
  6. Description of the company's activities (brochure, catalogs, printed web pages ...)
  7. Your CV / resume
  8. Certificates of degree, certified transcripts, certificates of diploma, training, awards or qualifications
  9. Documents to prove your previous working experience (letters from your former employers, etc.)
  10. Portrait photo (3cmx4cm)

Several documents above will provided by your company (bu you have to ask them in advance too of course). However, if you want to renew your spouse visa the documents you need not as many as working visa. Just in case, here is the necessary documents to renew Spouse Visa: 

  1. Application form
  2. Documents proving your relation based on which your visa will be granted, such as Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Family Registry (Koseki), Resident certificate (Juminhyo)
  3. Letter of Guarantee
  4. Questionnaire (for Spouse of Japanese national)
  5. Documents to prove your income (Certificate of employment and the most recent tax payment certificate). If you don't work, you will need such documents from the person who supports you financially, or other documents such as your bank statements showing enough savings.



The important things that I want to mention in this article are, make sure the business field explanation you wrote in the form are related with type of visa you want to apply. And also, there is possibility that the immigration bureau will call your  company HR number to confirming your employee status and your job desk in the company. Hence, please discuss the answer in advance and -of course- make sure you and your HR team are in the same boat. This is to avoid misunderstandings between the your company HR and immigration bureau therefore the application submission can run smoothly.


After all the documents collected, what you have to do is go to the nearest immigration office in your city and register for the visa renewal process with the above documents as attachments. The first thing you will see after you arrive at the immigration office is the queue number collection counter. You don't need to be afraid of being crammed in the immigration office because the immigration office runs health procedures strictly and limits the number of people in the building.


However, this makes the process to enter the building is quite long queueing and takes time. You have to queue outside the building first to be able to enter the immigration office, and once inside you still have to queue for the registration process. Even though you have to queue for quite a long time, in my opinion thats a good way to avoid the worst risks during this pandemic. In addition, the staff carry out their duties quickly and efficiently. So even though I had to wait, the registration process went faster than I imagined.


After registering for a visa extension with complete documents. You will get a paper explaining that the visa extension process is in progress and your visa will automatically be extended for two months during the process.


However, Japan is indeed a country that is super fast in handling documents. No need to wait for two months, within a month I already got a certificate like a postcard stating that the process of extending my visa was successful. All I need to do is go to the immigration office, attach a visa renewal stamp (can be purchased at stores in immigration) for 4000 yen on the postcard and hand it over to the officer. After that, though, the new visa and resident card were in my hands.


Good luck for your Visa submission!!