2021 trend: Resin Art

by Kie, 2 Sept 2021

It is only four months to go until 2022, what do you think about this?

Yes, I also think that since the pandemic started time goes by too fast and I don't know what I've done and got in that time. Many businesses stop running and forced to go bankrupt because the situation of emergency state and people turning gloomy by the time. A day became shorter, people who used to hangout or being outside from their home until late night forced to stay at home. Two years since the pandemic, I barely remember when was my last drinking late with my friends. I believe, like me, most of the people spent their time at home much longer now.

In spite of that, I find that a new trend is comes out from this gloominess. Several people that I used to know like to go outside tried a new hobby at their home. I`m Indonesian, and this things is quite hype right now in Indonesia. The new hype are collecting crystals and doing or buying the resin art. If you still unfamiliar with it, resin art is creating wall art or decoration using epoxy resin. The result of resin art will be durable and strong medium, leaving a high gloss, protective finish that allows for a variety of effects from specify object until abstract. Epoxy resins can be used in a variety of ways. Using silicone molds can produce products such as coasters, plates and jewelry. It can also be used for other works such as drawings, watercolor works, oil paintings, and photographs. The character of resin artwork is its resultant use of a beautiful, high-gloss, high-gloss protective varnish. 

sources: unplash

It`s Relaxing

If you scroll your social media now, maybe you will find several post like above. I think this is one of new trend born from "Stay At Home".  Although the liquid resin is toxic for direct contact to your skin, but let`s agree the looking at the expressive, hypnotic and magnetic fluid that tends to be shiny swirled or marbled looking paintings of multiple colors is relaxing. It`s really relatable with current conditions which easily provoke emotions and depression.


Easy and Simple

No need to have a special artistic skill to make a beautiful artwork from resin, of course if you have great sense or art the result of your resin will be more amazing. What you need to do with your resin kit are pour your liquid resin (don`t forget to protect your hand and make sure you have a great air ventilation) and then play around with the liquid. At first look, these resin paintings seem magical and highly complex, and yet they’re easily achieved with a tiny bit of know-how.The beautiful, breathtaking mess result will appear after the resin liquid hardened and it`s ready to be your new unique room decoration.


Great Business Chance

I personally think hat resin art is a new great opportunity for you who get hit hard by Covid-19. The investment of this new business is not that big compare to F&B or apparel business. However, because the results look exclusive and very beautiful, resin crafts have a fairly high price in the market. Let`s considering that the maker of this resin craft is still small and as I see from the trends that many people start to like this artwork, this business has a fairly high market opportunity. Maybe if you are interested in starting a resin business, kindly hit our contact us button and let`s talk about the business opportunities we can built from resin art.


source: Qreato Studios